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At Matthews & Higgins, we have built a reputation as effective civil trial attorneys with a successful history in insurance defense practice and countless other civil matters. With board certified civil trial lawyers, including of counsel, and over 50 years of combined trial experience, we know what it takes to win.

  • We know the court personnel in our region. We know how to prepare for trial, how to select a jury, and how to present the kind of compelling evidence that assists today’s sophisticated jurors in clarifying the issues and deciding a case in our clients’ favor.
  • Our firm’s relationship with our community gives us a thorough understanding of the cultural factors that influence jurors’ points of view. This invaluable insight helps our clients throughout the region achieve successful outcomes.
  • Our effective use of technology and our access to medical, scientific and other experts and resources throughout the country are also integral to our success in court. We leverage the benefits of our long-standing relationships with experts in addition to state-of-the-art models, computer simulations and trial exhibits to maximize our efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects of a case.

Billing And Defense Counsel Guidelines

In today’s competitive and demanding environment, it is essential that a law firm provide not only excellent services, but do so at efficient and reasonable rates and costs. A law firm must comply with both the “letter and spirit” of defense counsel guidelines. Timely reports and accurate budgets benefit both the attorney and client. We have the experience to know which case requires significant legal resources and which case can be defended or prosecuted with fewer resources. We often propose alternative billing methods for our clients’ consideration.

For more information or to schedule a case evaluation, contact our firm online or call us at 850-434-2200. We handle cases from several office locations, including in Pensacola, for clients throughout the Florida panhandle.

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